Click Here to register as a service contractor, material vendor, or consultant on the NuStar StarQuest Vendor Management System.

The NuStar Energy Strategic Sourcing Department provides several services including:

National and international commercial purchasing agreements

  • Corporate engineering procurement
  • Corporate fleet services
  • Corporate vendor management
  • Corporate contractor management

The Strategic Sourcing Department uses the StarQuest Vendor Management System to manage all suppliers. If you are interested in providing services and/or materials to NuStar, you must first register in StarQuest. If a sourcing opportunity presents itself, a NuStar employee will contact you. Below is a list of documents you may need to complete the registration process:

  • Basic Company Information
  • W-9 or W-8 Forms - (if doing business with U.S. NuStar Entities)
  • Federal Tax ID or Business #
  • Primary Contact Information
  • ISNetworld Number (if applicable)
  • Business Insurance and Proof of Insurance (If applicable)
  • OSHA 300 / 300A logs (if applicable)
  • Diverse Business Certifications (if applicable)
  • ACH Banking Information Form (click here if applicable)
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) Designation (if applicable)

NOTE: When commercial terms have been agreed to and a Master Work Agreement is signed, that does not mean your company is in compliance with NuStar Energy to perform services. Once your company has reached an approved/satisfactory status with all required documents,(ie: National Compliance Management Service; ISNetworld to include Insurance, and Safety) your company will receive an email notification stating you are now a Compliant Vendor for NuStar Energy.

If you have been requested to complete this based off a BID package, this does not guarantee future work with NuStar.

Update Company Information: If you need to update your company information, please send an email to

NuStar Energy L.P. is committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action.