San Francisco/Selby


Tanks: 24 tanks. Capacity: 3,042,000 barrels.
Size Range: 14,000 to 200,000 bbls
Products/Materials: Gasolines, diesel, renewables, aviation fuels, ethanol
Modes Served: Ship, Barge, Pipeline, Truck, Rail
Dock Data*: One Berth – Ship and Barge Draft: 40 feet; LOA: 850 feet DWT: up to 100,000 Loading rate: 7,000 barrels per hour Unloading rate: 8,000 to 10,000 barrels per hour
Pipelines: Kinder Morgan (Concord and Richmond Systems), pipeline connection to various refineries
Truck: 3 lanes light products loading with additive injection, TMS4000 computer sequential blending & control, Customer remote data access, Specialty unloading
Rail: Up to 34 cars per day Ethonal unloading (Served by Union Pacific) 
Marketing Contacts
Kerry Hart
(210) 918-2728

Terminal Contacts
Curtis Shorts
(510) 787-1076


90 San Pablo Avenue
Crockett CA 94525
Tel: (510) 787-1076
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