Tanks: 50 tanks. Capacity: 832,000 barrels.
Products/Materials: Acrylic Monomers, Acrylic Acid, Asphalt (various grades), Asphalt Blending Stocks, Caustic Soda, Ethanol-Undenatured, Fuel Oils, Glycols, Jet Fuel Additives, Jet Fuels, Lube Oils, Mineral Oils, Nitrogen Fertilizer Solutions (UAN), Phosphoric Acid, USP Food Grade Products, USP Grade Chemicals, Residual Fuel, Biodiesel, Crude Oil, ULSD 
Mode of Receipt: Ship, Barge, Truck, Rail, Pipeline (Colonial)
Mode of Delivery: Ship, Barge, Truck, Rail
Truck Facilities: Three Truck Platform Scales; 1 – Jet A Loading rack, 1- ULSD loading rack, 2 – Caustic Soda Loading Racks, 1 – Asphalt loading rack with 4 Bays, 2 – UAN Fertilizer loading racks
Dock Data*: - 900 ft. concrete dock capable of handling one ship and one barge simultaneously or two barges simultaneously.
- Barge and ship Draft 33.0 feet MLW based upon latest soundings (available upon request)
- 675 ft. LOA x 105 ft. Beam and 50,000 DWT
- Larger ships may be accommodated with advance approval
- Maximum Air Draft – 185.0 ft. (Via Cape Henry) – 36.4 feet (Via C&D Canal)
Rail Spur Data: Private Spur for 50 cars (serviced by CSX) 
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